Architect your career at CloudGeometry

At CloudGeometry, we design and build SaaS platforms for top Silicon Valley based technology startups and consult to global corporations on multi-cloud migration and implementation.

Solution architects and DevOps practitioners come to CloudGeometry to build careers on AWS, GCP and Azure. Put both your technical and managerial leadership skills to the test. Balance your real world design and cloud software experience with essential soft skills — vision, communications, and influence — to guide developers and customers to achieve the results that the business needs.

Our clients are the companies betting on their business on cloud-native product & solution architectures, driven by cloud-native software development, automated application integration, distributed data platforms, DevOps infrastructure as code, machine learning pipelines and more. CloudGeometry is your chance to prove yourself to the technology companies that matter.

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Why work with us?

Make the move to cloud‑native
Become a recognized expert by building and deploying across the world’s top cloud platforms, from AWS to GCP to Azure with microservices, Kubernetes, Infrastructure as Code, Ansible, Terraform, and more.
Upgrade your technical skills
Master the next-level software stack with coding Python, NodeJS, .NET, Java, Scala. React, and more for fast-changing applications and distributed data processes via CI/CD, test automation and more.
Real DevOps in the real world
Get ready to roll up your sleeves on continuous integration and DevOps, test automation, observability, infrastructure as code. Design, deploy, analyze and iterate chaos engineering (game day) scenarios.
Opportunities multiplied
Get a front row seat at a wide range of long-term product initiatives. Work with top tech pros from both sides of the ocean, get all the support you need to gain knowledge and learn and practice new skills.
Flexible working hours
We bet on responsible people who can get the job done. You already know teamwork and meetings are important for true collaborative agility. The rest of the time, you can work your own schedule.
Learn by doing & get certified
There’s only one way to find out which theories are more than good ideas. Get the experience to show you know your stuff, and we'll help you pass the certifications to prove it.

Shape transformation from whiteboard ideas & block diagrams into: DevOps success.|

As a solution architect and DevOps professional, take charge of translating platform components into agile, sustainable, well-architected distributed solutions.
Your mission is to:
Drive & implement critical technical decisions based on your deep know-how of performance, security, and reliability to ensure the dev team can execute on and deliver.
Find the best tech solution
among all possible options solve the existing business constraints
Spec out the structure, characteristics, behavior,
and other aspects of platform software to technical stakeholders
Provide designs
according to which the infrastructure is defined, managed, delivered and maintain at peak performance
Define data & infrastructure
features, functions, phases, and solution constraints
Determine the roadmap & tradeoffs
for solid foundations of the five pillars the well architected cloud

There’s more to being a great Solutions Architect than technical mastery and proven systems thinking. At CloudGeometry, put your soft skills to work leading the customer and the dev team to success. Sharpen your collaborative leadership, communications skills, and technical vision all at the same time, by solving real world challenges that matter.

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