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Our story

CloudGeometry delivers expert technical services, helping our clients unlock the full potential of cloud-native open source tooling and commercial platform technologies. As AWS Advanced Consulting partners, our certified solution architects and platform engineers help address the range of challenges facing enterprise innovators and venture funded startups alike. The Cloud Native Computing Foundation has accredited us as a Kubernetes Certified Service Provider.
Count on us to accelerate application modernization, Kubernetes adoption, developer enablement, secure multi-tenancy, DevOps automation and more. With roots in Silicon Valley, we’ve seen firsthand what works (and what doesn’t). Over the last decade, we’ve built and deployed hundreds of big, fast full-stack apps with well-engineered cloud infrastructure across industries: Financial Services, Industrial Automation, Healthcare, AdTech, Consumer-grade Mobile, smart devices, and more.
From enterprise upgrades to data engineering to cloud-native scale-out, CloudGeometry helps plot the shortest path across all dimensions of modern cloud software engineering.

How we work

Expertise: reliable, proven, transparent

Get a direct line of sight at every step so you always see how we get there from here.

Well-rounded & easy to work with

Plans change. Our teams are trained to handle any curve the business throws.

On-time, on-budget, top-to-bottom-line

We are software-driven so that you can focus on being customer-driven.


Businesses that operate their own systems should approach them with the same standards they would expect from a SaaS system.
This encompasses features, services, SLAs, access control, and data security. They should also demand the same level of support from their IT managers or vendors.


At CloudGeometry, our aim is to be the trusted go-to-supplier for technology-driven companies.
We modernize your systems to take full advantage of cloud standards, using Open Source or commercial solutions, and delivering cost-effective managed cloud services — all powered by experienced, trained, certified professionals.


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