Control Cloud spend —
across all of your clouds

Keep ongoing cloud spending aligned with your architecture, development processes, and organizational finances.

Continuous leverage for Cloud Economics ​

CloudGeometry Cost Optimization Services helps you make the most of cloud’s variable cost model by tracking your usage in AWS, Microsoft Azure, GCP, Alibaba, and Kubernetes environments and identifying ways to optimize spending. You can:

Attribute top- and bottom-line benefits of your cloud platform
Better track and control cloud service purchasing
Get a cloud-native architecture optimized and automated for global leverage
Continuous leverage for Cloud Economics. Supported services.

Key Features & Benefits

CloudGeometry Cost Optimization Services has delivered up to 50% reductions in cloud spend for growing businesses across industries as diverse as financial services, ad tech, and industrial automation.

Timely full-cycle data
Data on all cloud spending so key technical and non-technical staff alike can analyse and visualise at any time, sharing scorecards and KPIs.
Update compliance and governance
Use zero-trust IAM and spending controls to balance development flexibility with reliable production operations.
Budget, planning and forecast
More complete budget, planning and forecast so developers can more easily take advantage of discounts and bulk purchase agreements.
Cost observability
Integrate tagging and tracking at every step via configuration and commit validation via CI/CD tooling and deployment automation.
Focus automation and rightsizing
Ensure every increment of cloud spending delivers continuous increases in efficiency, revenue, and profitability for your SaaS business.
Eliminate wasteful configurations
Find anomalies faster at every stage of development, QA, staging, and production environments.
Better cost tracking
Track spend via tags/labels and smarter account taxonomy to unlock cost transparency and actionable insights across teams and their managers.
Showcase cost optimization wins
Inspire developers and platform architects to innovate both on business value and on smart technical solutions.
Empower technical Teams
Track all events, actions, budget thresholds and alerts via real-time notification in Slack

How it works

CloudGeometry helps you integrate the economics discipline of finance teams with the technical expertise of software teams.

It unlocks clarity faster and easier than decoding hundreds of pages of line items in your bill to figure out what you paid last month. To do it, we:
Provide a real-time dashboard for all members of the organization to view
Define owners, analyze costs environments (even using multi-cloud and containerized microservices)
See resource constraints, budget allocation by service and workload, along with real-time recommendations
Provide a single source of truth for continuous cost observability that helps everyone find and fix blind spots in cost data faster
Integrate cost data infrastructure with financial controls.
Apply centralized purchasing to cloud discount offers.
Plug billing leaks & detect underutilized or idle resources.
Drive organizational accountability & profitability.
Ensure your roadmap provides real customer value founded on measurable cloud economics.
Map all costs across organizational units, projects, or unique users.
Use tagging systems for resource and application usage visibility.
View financial analytics, control, budget, and resource allocation in a single pane of glass.
Create flexible TTL rules to let any team member help stop cloud resource waste.
Gain visibility into the cost impact of architectural decisions.
Tackle technical debt based on business impact, price/performance ROI, & software delivery effectiveness.
Align privileged access management (PAM) to guardrails and technical accountability.

Ask us how we helped a global B2B SaaS Company attribute customer spend and reduce unnecessary cloud costs.

Real-world Case Study​

Our client, a leading SaaS platform for the financial services industry, offers a secure, encrypted cloud-native automated collaboration and messaging platform. But solving for cost transparency too often meant waiting for a spreadsheet and a bill at the end of the month. With millions of EC2 instances across the user base, a single minor configuration change could result in a surprise five- or even six-figure expense spike.

Connect the dots with Cloud Geometry.