Kubernetes &
Microservices Adoption

Build out cloud-native with speed & security —without sacrificing versatility, scale, or reliability.

CloudGeometry delivers the proven expertise you need to succeed with containerizing applications, as well as Kubernetes applications and environments. We help you overcome elusive technical dependencies, implement persistent storage, update networking security, refactor containers, and lend a hand shifting cultural assumptions about the division of labor.

Boost Developer
Help developers reduce operational overhead
Robust Build & 
Deploy processes
Abstract away opaque and error-prone infrastructure toil
Streamline your
Kubernetes Lifecycle
Provides Ops teams crucial tools & processes to optimize Kubernetes operations

At CloudGeometry, our deep bench of experienced developers and platform engineers has built and refactored numerous robust containerized applications, deploying thousands of production clusters.

We even offer our own proven Reference Architecture, CGDevX, built on open source components and designed to make your life easier for deploying, using, and monitoring Kubernetes clusters

How it works

We help you navigate the real ins and outs of gaining cloud native momentum, from application definition and image build to ensuring your networking is in place to setting up GitOps and Infrastructure as Code.
You get an end-to-end view that exposes any failures quickly for rapid, robust iteration.
The result: a pragmatic, professionally delivered solution designed to provide complete enablement for your team. Our approach helps you achieve the momentum you need, with rapid releases and continuous upgrades done in hours, not weeks.
Integrates industry standard tools, tailored to your unique business objectives.
Enables near real-time changes to shorten cycle times.
Captures data at each step and structures collaboration and feedback to identify and prevent deployment issues early.

Bulletproof containerization 

In the modern multi cloud environment, even experienced developers can find accounting for  infrastructure complexities and dependencies to be a challenge. Considerations such as observability and security can easily get lost or broken.

Expert support from CloudGeometry helps ensure that the containerized applications created by your developers are ready for deploying and upgrading without being delayed by needless struggles with downstream infrastructure blockers.

Kubernetes & Cloud Native Lifecycle Readiness

Gaining cloud native momentum takes an end-to-end approach. Without proper validation quality gates, deploying containers into production can introduce unintended weaknesses in security, observability, and other unpleasant potential production surprises.

Thanks to sound validation of application definition and image build processes, the CloudGeometry Kubernetes Adoption Blueprint integrates crucial processes and tooling, such as ensuring your networking is in place, setting up GitOps and Infrastructure as Code, and everything in between.

Key Tools & Technologies

Our experience integrating Open Source components relies on a proven, continually updated best-of-breed approach that supports AWS, GCP and Azure deployment and operations.

Automation & Configuration

Automation tool for infrastructure and other resources, both on premise and in the cloud
A collection of the most popular tools in the Kubernetes space, pre-configured to work together

Container Registry & Image Management

The first Open Container Initiative-compliant open source repository for container artifacts
JFrog Artifactory
Commercial solution to manage all the artifacts in your software supply chain

Security & Compliance

Policy engine for Kubernetes cluster configuration and management
Open Policy Agent
Flexible policy framework for declarative authorization and access control
Security platform for identifying and fixing vulnerabilities in open source libraries and containers
Open-source tool for signing and verifying container images
Open-source identity and access management solution for modern applications
Open-source vulnerability scanner for container images and software packages

Continuous Integration / Continuous Delivery (CI/CD)

GitOps continuous delivery tool for managing and deploying Kubernetes applications
Web-based platform for version control, collaboration, and software development


Container orchestration platform for automating deployment, scaling, and management of applications

Observability & Analysis

Open-source monitoring and alerting system for collecting and analyzing metrics from applications and infrastructure
Commercial cloud monitoring and analytics platform for real-time observability and insights across applications and infrastructure
Open-source data visualization and monitoring platform for creating insightful dashboards and alerts