Application Modernization

Revitalize the applications you already depend on.
Take advantage of cloud technology without starting over.

Business value of your systems can persist long after they are developed. At CloudGeometry, we help help reduce the costs and risks of what they already do. That means making it easier today to reliably add new features and efficiencies to meet tomorrow's business opportunities. That can also help lower barriers to integration between systems developed separately, unlocking new synergies. 

Assess, Prioritize,
and Migrate
Phased upgrades of microservices, DevOps, CI/CD, multitenancy, compliance
Automate & Accelerate
Cloud-native Adoption
Orchestration, DevSecOps, secure service mesh, dynamic alert management
Platform engineering for
Developer Productivity
Self-service provisioning, test automation, observability, software supply chain integrity

How it works

At CloudGeometry, we have assisted dozens of US tech companies in modernizing their legacy or acquired applications & systems.

Starting with an in-depth analysis of your applications, our expert cloud engineers craft a prioritized roadmap implementing well-integrated, structured changes that set you up with reliable, secure, cost-effective managed operations.
Then the real work begins. DIY not an option? Engage our team to migrate, replatform, upgrade, and update your application stack and IT infrastructure.
Services include
Actionable inventory and backlog of risks in security, performance, cost management, reliability, and integration.
Execution of Cloud migration, for workloads, integrations, development workflows & databases, with optional move to AWS services.
Cost optimization to improve unit economics and provide software lifecycle usage analytics.
User experience and TCO upgrades for web and mobile front ends.
Adoption path to micro-services architecture and containerization.
Platform engineering w/ DevSecOps, test automation, reliable software supply chain processes.
Available transition to cloud-agnostic, multi-platform Kubernetes orchestration.
Granular, secure, dynamic infrastructure management.
Deep observability, closed-loop management, alerting.
Specialized refactoring to more maintainable languages & frameworks.

Packaged Application Modernization Service Options

With decades of skills and real-world experience

our expert AWS-certified DevOps engineers and Solution Architects will evaluate the infrastructure, processes and application stack your workloads depend on.

Our assessment gives you get a risk-adjusted remediation roadmap

with budget & timeline estimates. Use the results to implement with your own development team.

Alternatively, you can count on our expert development services team

deliver on your priorities with timeboxed and milestone-based 3-month and 6-month packages.

Application Modernization Assessment

Identify opportunities for modernization within your current estate via thorough analysis of your application, architecture, stack & frameworks used, providing an implementation roadmap.

Light Modernization Package

3–6 Mo
Actively modernize applications with minimal disruption to existing operations: containerization, cloud migration, infrastructure upgrades & key cloud-native services.

Comprehensive Modernization Package

6–12 Mo
End-to-end plan, design, build; containerization, microservices architecture, modularization, ABAC/RBAC compliance, cloud-native services adoption, SDL Cautomation.
Application Modernization Assessment
Analysis of your current applications
Identification of areas for improvement
Modernization options:
Cloud migration, containerization & refactoring
Milestones, timelines & cost estimates
Light Modernization
Analysis of your current applications
Easy upgrades to newer frameworks & technologies
Migration to cloud data services
(e.g., RDS, Kinesis)
DevOps & CI/CD for automated testing, deployment
Comprehensive Modernization
Implementation of cloud-native services
Application refactoring & optimization
DevOps & CI/CD for automated testing, deployment
Cloud-native tooling:
E2E build-ship-release-run
Automated testing, deployment
AWS partner

AWS Well-Architected Framework Review & Remediation for all environments

AWS Well-Architected Managed Framework Review and RemediationCG AWS certified

No two business application platforms are exactly alike. The AWS Well-Architected Framework Review shines a spotlight on risks your application architecture faces today. It ranks your cloud implementation against millions of other workloads, providing insights that apply whether you are hosting your application on AWS, Azure, or in-house.

The AWS-certified SaaS experts at CloudGeometry help you target and solve for those risks. We craft and deliver a phased remediation plan to resolve deep technical tradeoffs. By overcoming barriers to scale and stability in all dimensions of your SaaS stack, we provide a faster, more cost-effective path to continuous leverage of SaaS on AWS.

Want to see how CloudGeometry’s multi-tenancy architecture speeds up development? Check out our SaaS Platform Blueprint.