as a Service.

Upgrade SDLC success with expertly engineered CI/CD, Infrastructure as Code, GitOps & SRE — done for you.

CloudGeometry's DevOps as a Service ensures your developers can rely on professionally managed end-to-end cloud operations — without having to stop and build it themselves. You get integrated collaboration, monitoring, management and reporting built for reliable customer-ready cloud software delivery infrastructure.

Platform Operations
Better reliability, performance and compliance
Developer Productivity
Relieve burnout & toil, as teams deliver faster
Workload transparency
Automate deployment, alerting and feedback

Key Features & Benefits

We automate and coordinate crucial software development life cycle (SDLC) processes like development pull/merge, security, testing, deployment, management and monitoring.

Relieve developer toil and let teams deliver faster, concentrate time on vital features & customer needs
QA Automation
Build/run quality gates, vet production readiness, support Test Driven Development

Integrated CI/CD
Automated build & deployment pipelines make Prod changes faster, more secure and more reliable
Secure Containerization
Hardened container image and runtime configs; static, dynamic source-code scans, artifact management, CIS validation
Kubernetes Orchestration
Resilient fine-grained cloud-native services, for better scalability & faster error recovery

Cost Management
Improve ongoing spend visibility + guardrails to drive resource efficiency, accountability, including Kubernetes
Production monitoring/logging keeps release quality consistent, continuously improving max uptime
Available integration of specialized integration flows for AI enablement and continuous training set evolution

How it Works

Gaps between DevOps in theory and DevOps in practice too often lead to overburdened developers and disrupted operations. Developers stretched too thin trying to juggle the moving pieces of behind-the-scenes infra can’t at the same time do their job writing the software your customers are paying for.
CloudGeometry’s GitOps-enabled approach is designed to minimize the burden on your app developers. You let them stay focused on writing killer software for your users.

Share team inboxes

CI/CD, GitOps, containerization, DevSecOps, AI/ML, and AIOps, using full portfolio of platform engineering tools.

Deliver instant answers

Ensure your customers and users are always delivered the best, most reliable cloud software 24×7×365.

Service Delivery

Our DevOps experts look at your existing processes & infrastructure and determine your current level of performance — and places you can find immediate improvements.
Existing infrastructure
CI/CD process
Internal Developer Platforms
Security posture
Infrastructure as Code procedures
Dashboard mockup
The first step is to plug those obvious holes, such as missing software, security issues and processes that just don’t work.
Install any necessary CI/CD pipelines
Deploy an Internal Developer Platform
Assess vulnerabilities add provide security remediation
By climbing past low hanging fruit, our experts zero in on how your processes can reach next-level efficiency, and document everything that needs to be done.
Determining processes leaks and root cause of release delays
Lightening the load on your developers so they can focus on providing value
Documenting security and governance procedures
Prioritize Infrastructure as Code & automation opportunities
Available Well-Architected Remediation Roadmap
Dashboard mockup
Now you have a plan to improve your systems. If you like, we can take it for you on a series of well-scoped sprints, such as:
Deployment automation to stage and rollouts to production aligned w/compliance
Monitoring for platform and incident response architecture & tooling
Dashboards for better visibility of overall health
Standard & custom monitors to alert on thresholds or patterns
Now you have a solid set of foundations your team can take over. Or, with further investment, we can build  further to continuously improve your performance and efficiency, making changes and measuring them against the current baseline. Those that improve performance or efficiency to become the new baseline. If they don’t, they get rolled back so that you’re always at your most efficient.

What People Say About CloudGeometry Services

“CloudGeometry really impressed us with their experience, born of working with energetic Silicon Valley start-ups who prioritized speed vs. quality & stability in a matter of a few months”
Tushar Patel
SVP Engineering,
Sinclair Digital Media
“The perfect complement to keep our talented developers productive and innovating for our customers – without missing a beat on security, compliance, and reliability”
Carolyn Maxwell
VP Products,
Enterprise FinTech Startup
“Top DevOps expertise and amazing team of experts, who are ready to help with all the tasks and resolve any problems. They are CI/CD, AWS, Docker and Kubernetes natives”
Tzahi Fridman
Director R&D, Cloud Architecture,
GE Digital
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