Resilience, Continuity & Backup Services

Streamline backup and recovery processes to control cloud risks across your full-stack infrastructure and workloads. 

CloudGeometry Recovery, Business Continuity & Backup Services lets you target and maintain the right combination of technical and business reliability in the face of unexpected events. We enable integrated service readiness across on and off premise with cost-effective backup services, hot/cold HA strategies, and hybrid automation to meet compliance and contractual requirements.

Business-driven data recovery and operational resilience to minimize RTO
Automate backups across cloud services and third-party applications to minimize RPO
24/7/365 protection for your data and business-critical workloads

How it works

Continuous Resilience & Readiness

The AWS certified experts from CloudGeometry apply Well-Architected review guidelines to analyze and fix vital components of your workloads. We’ll help you apple the right best practices to get — and keep — RPO and RTO on target, with automation that remains reliable even as application, data, and infrastructure (inevitably) change.

Cross-platform, Fully-automated

Enterprise-grade disaster recovery for any private and public cloud platform. Background replication of all production workloads provides true HA and fully-automated orchestration, restoration, and recovery.

Instant business application recovery

Enable planned maintenance with zero downtime windows. Configure Boot devices directly from cloud-native snapshots, for failback to production environments without data loss.

Cross-cloud disaster recovery

Deploy workloads across multiple public and private clouds; recover access to data and resources promptly — even when one cloud fails — for enterprise-grade business continuity and data protection.

Cloud-based storage backup

Centrally manage and automate data protection with a fully managed, policy-based service, for on- or off-prem storage with immutable backups to protect against accidental and malicious incidents.

Modernize BC/DR for VMware & KVM

Ensure data consistency with fast recovery and maximum retention for your VMware-based datacenter, for dynamic and cost-effective results on any of AWS, Azure, GCG, or Alibaba, featuring open source Hystax Acura (Apache 2.0).

Total cost of ownership reduction

Lower costs and sustain cost-effectiveness, and as you eliminate the need to acquire, configure, test, deploy, and maintain servers to reduce data recovery time and minimize redundant infrastructure costs.

Leverage the proven Uptime framework of AWS Resilience Hub — with or without AWS

AWS hub

1. Describe & Define

Capture human/machine-readable config details of all critical workloads. Set policies for RTO and RPO targets for applications, infrastructure, datacenter, and regional-level disruptions.

2. Assess

Expose & address risks within infrastructure setup, misconfigurations, roles and procedures to identify vulnerabilities up and down the stack – at all layers of compute, storage, network, and security.

3. Recommend

Establish Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs), including crucial alerts to flag changes in your post-deployment resilience posture, with AWS CloudWatch or cloud-agnostic event & configuration drift monitoring.

4. Validate

Test and verify that your application can meet its resilience targets before releasing it into production using chaos engineering to provide fault-injection simulations of real-world failures.

5. View & Track

Measure resilience readiness over time via recommended fault injection tests, alarms & recovery SOPs, in your AWS cloud or hybrid environment to document continuous improvement and meet regulatory requirements.
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The AWS internal product engineering team chose CloudGeometry as development partner for their best-of-breed architectural service validation Resilience Hub. You too can benefit from our full-stack software engineering, DevOps and cloud native development skills experience — anchored in  the comprehensive best practices of the AWS Well Architected Framework.
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