Monitoring and Observability

Unlock the power of advanced DevOps with integrated insights and agile operations

Monitoring and Observability are key for developers and SREs. Sustainable operational excellence demands immediate insight into the inner workings of applications and systems. Leverage our comprehensive suite of tools to track performance, detect anomalies, troubleshoot issues, and understand systems behavior in real-time.

Proactive problem-solving

Monitoring and Observability tools help detect anomalies and potential issues early on, allowing developers to fix them before they escalate.

Improved system performance

By providing real-time insights into the performance of your systems, these tools enable you to optimize code and infrastructure for better overall performance.

Enhanced code quality

Through detailed insights into how your code is running in real-time, monitoring and observability tools can highlight areas for optimization, leading to cleaner, more efficient code.
Not only does this lead to improved system reliability and performance, but it also enables proactive problem-solving, reducing downtime and the resources spent on firefighting and making your life as a developer easier and more productive.

Our tool stack — your path to operational visibility

Reference Implementation

Driving visibility and insight

CloudGeometry Observability is designed to deliver superior visibility into your operations and foster continuous improvement. These primary tools form the core of our monitoring and observability implementation:
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As a leading open-source monitoring and alerting toolkit, Prometheus provides powerful insights into your system's performance, helping you identify and resolve issues promptly.
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Loki, developed by Grafana labs, is a horizontally scalable, highly available, multi-tenant log aggregation system inspired by Prometheus.
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To enhance the integration of all of these diverse tools, we’ve built CGDevX, which extends their capabilities to provide a cohesive and streamlined GitOps and infrastructure management experience. Learn more.
Additional options

Expanding your possibilities

For clients who have unique requirements or are already using specific tools, we also offer a selection of alternative open-source options.
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EFK Stack
Elasticsearch, Fluentd, Kibana

The EFK stack is a popular log management platform that allows you to collect, store, search, and visualize log data from different sources, giving you the observability you need.

Kibana, Beats, Logstash

These powerful Elastic Stack components offer advanced data analysis, log data ingestion, and real-time insight.
Commercial partnership

Datadog — Building the future of observability together

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Alongside our open-source tool stack, we maintain a strategic partnership with Datadog, a leading service provider in cloud-scale monitoring and analytics. If your organization is already utilizing Datadog solutions or if you prefer commercial product suites, we can seamlessly integrate and optimize Datadog's comprehensive offerings into your DevOps workflow.

Choose us — experience the power of insight

Looking to ramp up your DevOps game? Our know-how in monitoring and observability, plus our robust toolkit and proprietary solution CGDevX, can be just what you need to keep your development cycle sharp and efficient. Join forces with us to enhance your DevOps workflows and supercharge your path to operational excellence.

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