Workload Provisioning, Management and Optimization

Providing End-to-End Workload Services from Initial Setup to Ongoing Performance Enhancement

At CloudGeometry, we take a holistic approach to your workloads: from initial setup of infrastructure to integration of advanced analytical tools for ongoing management. Automating operations helps optimize both performance and cost efficiency, enabling feedback for continuous Improvement at every step of the workload lifecycle.

Boost efficiency

Streamline tasks and processes so developers can focus on critical coding activities.

Reduce errors

Reduce the likelihood of missteps and oversights, enabling more stable and reliable software builds.

Improve time management

Effectively prioritize tasks, helping to meet deadlines and ensuring timely project completion.
We use a combination of open source and commercial tools to automate mundane tasks, improve visibility, and minimize errors.

Our tool stack — your success enablers 

Reference implementation

Focused on efficiency and innovation

Our preferred selection of open-source tools is proven to promote efficiency and foster innovation. These primary tools form the foundation of our workload management implementation:
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GitHub, the world's leading software development platform, facilitates collaboration while GitHub Actions automates all your software workloads, providing continuous integration and delivery.
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As a declarative GitOps continuous delivery tool for Kubernetes, ArgoCD automatically and safely applies changes to your environments based on Git commits.
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An open-source container image registry, Harbor ensures that your images are stored securely and efficiently, complete with vulnerability analysis and access control.
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Helm, the package manager for Kubernetes, simplifies deploying and managing Kubernetes applications, transforming config files into a set of charts running in your cluster.
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To enhance the integration of all of these diverse tools, we’ve built CGDevX, which extends their capabilities to provide a cohesive and streamlined GitOps and infrastructure management experience. Learn more.
Additional options

Broadening your options

For customers who prefer different systems or are already using certain tools, we offer a selection of alternative options.

GitLab & GitLab Pipelines,
Bitbucket & Bitbucket Pipelines

These platforms are similar to GitHub, offering code hosting services along with their own CI/CD solutions.

Backstage, Terragrunt, Anchore, Snyk

A collection of tools providing a diverse range of services from service catalog management, Terraform wrapper functionality, container security, to open-source security.

Jenkins, Nexus Repository, FluxCD

These tools offer classic CI/CD, artifact management, and GitOps automation for Kubernetes respectively.
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Commercial partnership

JFrog — Revolutionizing DevOps together

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In addition to our open-source toolstack, we also hold a strategic partnership with JFrog, a global leader in continuous software release management. If your business is already working with JFrog solutions or you prefer a commercial product suite over open-source tools, we can seamlessly integrate and optimize JFrog's robust offerings into your DevOps pipeline. Together, we are committed to propelling businesses into the future of rapid and reliable software delivery.

Choose us — experience the difference

Looking to improve your application workload management through DevOps? Our experienced team and a robust set of tools, including our proprietary solution, are here to help. Let's collaborate to refine your DevOps workflows and speed up your progress towards more efficient operations.

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