Origami Logic gives global brands and media agencies real-time insights into the ROI of digital marketing campaigns. In the fast-changing, fragmented and ultra-competitive world of online ads and promotions, Origami’s performance analytics and drillable dashboards empower marketers to always be optimizing campaign budgets and eliminate wasteful spending.

The Challenge

Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Google and more are constantly changing the mix of ad/audience interfaces, as high-speed bidding signals race through a complex web of agencies. Customers struggled with a reliable source of truth on marketing spend. Origami needed to continuously integrate and deliver unified campaign performance dashboards across brands, brokers, media.

The Solution

Building on the AWS platform let us re-architect Origami’s core business workloads just as the company began to experience explosive growth. Microservices for inbound data processing proved adept at handling fine-grained fluctuations in compute demand — to achieve high resource utilization and low response time. Amazon S3 data storage provided a faster, cheaper way to store data streams and fast-changing 3d party campaign APIs.  Athena provided industry-standard SQL access data access and manipulation right off of S3 buckets. The versatility of Athena also made it easier to build machine learning (ML) models, finding campaign optimization opportunities from the latest feed data in S3. Amazon Quicksight completed the picture with visual analytics.

Aggregating third-party data feeds and business logic requires constant changes to both data processing and data management. CloudGeometry’s CI/CD solution provided Origami a stable, predictable, end-to-end process infrastructure to create, test, and deploy new data rules into the microservices architecture.

The Benefits

Building on AWS gave Origami Logic a powerful,  unified view, always up to date, for brand marketers, data scientists, and digital agencies alike.

<div class="case__txt--cols"><div><h4>Continuous data ingest</h4><p>Reliable integration with top SNs, SEs, Marketplaces, streaming, and API data feeds. Flexible framework for tuning data cleansing and transformation rules.</p></div><div><h4>Auto-scaling</h4><p>Microservice architecture and containerized Docker-based deployment can quickly scale on AWS cloud to save cost and adjust to peaks on demand.</p></div><div><h4>Analytics on ever-changing data</h4><p>AWS Athena along with Quicksight makes short work of building analytics services on top of S3, with no need to integrate and maintain traditional DBs.</p></div></div>