AWS Database Migration

Discover, assess, convert, and migrate your database and analytic workloads to AWS with automated migration. 

CloudGeometry’s managed AWS Database Migration Service cuts the time and cost to land your data on the AWS data platform. Start with zero downtime, and grow your data ROI with expert Managed Services. Maintain high availability  during the migration process with Multi-AZ and ongoing data replication and monitoring.

Optimize DBMS TCO, utilization and capacity management
Integrate data across all your applications & partner services
Switch from DBA support to modern, free automated tools & services

How it works

Wherever your data runs — Oracle, mySQL, PostgreSQL, MariaDB, Vertica, SQL Server, hosted on EC2, and more — CloudGeometry gets it working on AWS from day one.
We’ll convert and optimize database objects to streamline application integration and price / performance.
As an AWS Certified Service Provider for Database Migration Services, our deep portfolio of cloud operations expertise immediately drives the payoff of reduced DB admin burden straight to the top and the bottom line.


Business impact of migrating to the cloud, both financial deltas (operation cost, scalability, TCO) and dependent business applications, for homogeneous, heterogeneous and/or consolidation.


Map out full range of data sources, schema inter-dependencies and admin requirements, to ensure target architecture meets/exceeds performance expectations.


Use Amazon native tools to optimize database performance, replication, schema structure, and more to help modernize as you migrate.


Set and execute a zero downtime transition from original data sources to target cloud environment, from data replication through full load and validation.


Build and run continuous monitoring, backup, recovery, and business continuity, with dashboards to ensure cloud migration delivers predictably and consistently.


Continuously analyze data growth plus emergent integration needs; keep pace with your market and competitive environment, as application and analytic use cases continue to evolve.

Connect the dots with CloudGeometry.