Data Engineering Operations

Continuous support and improvement for your data pipeline: sourcing, ETL, validation, monitoring and more

When data changes drive business changes, data integration and processing have to keep up. Analysts want new connections between sources; data scientists constantly experiment with new datasets; business leaders need actionable drill-down to insights faster. Data Engineering Operations from CloudGeometry helps you get it done.

Onboarding & Integration
Add new data sources — create new data sets on-demand
Continuous configuration
Cleansing & transformation to keep your data flow fresh
24/7 monitoring
Guarantee data quality, performance and continuity

How it works

CloudGeometry provides a team of experienced data engineers, DevOps, and data quality analysts — 24×7, through our global DNOC Data Network Operations Center.

Data scientists and analysts can now get more done: just open a new Jira ticket or send a Slack request. It’s backed with proactive monitoring so your data can always meet your goals for cost-effectiveness, performance, reliability, and security.

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CI/CD Setup
Auto-scale Setup
Cloud Resource Usage Optimization
CI/CD Automation
Zero-Downtime Updates
System Performance Optimization
Security Access Setup
24/7 Support SLA
Log Aggregation
Security Audit

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