Data Integration Services

Tackle bigger data faster across the range of workloads, from continuous ingest to production-grade analytic data stores 

Modern data-driven business relies on dozens and dozens of upstream data sources and providers. At CloudGeometry, our Data Integration Services help turn them into a coherent and reliable data supply infrastructure. We engineer and operate all the data throughput you need: channeling any mix of streaming, APIs, logs, social media, search, e-commerce, enterprise data, and more.

Visual tools
Simplify cleansing, transformation, and data quality
Configure data sources
Put them to work in hours, not weeks
Smart, tested connectors
for dozens of popular data sources and APIs

How it works

At CloudGeometry, our data engineering team delivers the expertise you need to ensure continuous operation of mission-critical data integration. It’s a faster, less costly way to deliver the high-quality, always-on data you need for ML, IoT, BI dashboarding, SaaS application integration, and more.

You get unified data service management, built for continuous growth and optimization as the scope and span of your data grows.

AWS saas data integration

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How we can help

Data Ingestion
Intake from streaming, logs, APIs, DBMS, semi-structured and unstructured, plus production-ready connectors for social media feeds, third-party analytics as well as traditional enterprise data.
Integrated Tooling
Best of breed frameworks for cleansing, transformation, rules-based processing, data blending, algorithm-based wrangling, data enrichment, all loading into predefined data structures.
Data Delivery
Integrated data supply management piped and transformed through Kafka, Kinesis, Spark, Hadoop, Docker/Kubernetes, and data service feeds for SaaS Platforms, to ensure inbound data flow.
Production monitoring, 24/7
Mission-critical data continuity operations via production-grade monitoring. Rapid resolution and source onboarding/enhancement across business and analytic use cases.