As a leader in real-time video AdTech, our client delivers integrated hi-speed audience selection with seamless video inventory delivery, for maximum reach – a channel known in the industry as OTT (over-the-top). Its real-time analytics and bidding management engine delivers precision-targeted video content sources from sources like YouTube, Hulu, and social media. The company provides its agency and global brand customers access to integrated feeds from over 150 ad exchanges and streams, processing 10 billion+ ad calls a day. The breadth and depth of its platform ensure global brands and agencies acquire can better, more profitable audiences faster.

The Challenge

For global brands, the complexity of accessing and analyzing video inventory can put high-value audiences out of reach. Managing the mix of online video audiences is a huge opportunity for an omnichannel ad strategy — provided it can be integrated with performance data in real-time. That requires responding to real-time bids within single-digit milliseconds and closing the analytics loop for ad buyers with the same near-zero latency.

The Solution

Success in OTT video audience acquisition comes by getting the right viewer to see the right video ad at the right time – and have the viewer watch the video clip to completion. CloudGeometry provides a closed loop data science pipeline architecture that feeds the company’s proprietary machine learning algorithms; for example; giving advertisers model-driven guidance for media campaign timing optimization.

Using the Dataflow Integration Platform by CloudGeometry, built on an elastic microservices architecture, ensures a reliable, high-quality data ingest and enrichment. Given the massive stores of historic data required for accurate trending, CloudGeometry uses Redshift as a central place for all historic information, complemented by actionable analytic queries pushed to RDS. Data streaming is handled by Kinesis. Finally, all end-to-end Data Pipeline resources are backed by CloudGeometry’s Data Engineering Operations service, monitoring data quality and reliability 24x7x365.

The bottom line is OTT video delivery; CloudGeometry helped close the revenue loop with AWS Lambda to execute transcoding, so video inventory is always up to date with any form factors on any device where the video ad is viewed.

The Benefits

A comprehensive end-to-end data platform strategy from ingest to ML drives the leading edge of data-driven OTT video advertising audience acquisition.

<div class="case__txt--cols"><div><h4>On-demand data integration</h4><p>Amazon Redshift handles continuous change across a massive range of data sources, for a full spectrum of analytics use cases.</p></div><div><h4>Operationalize Machine Learning</h4><p>Cut friction of transformation, leverage AWS Sagemaker ML to manage data flows and ongoing jobs for model building, training, and deployment.</p></div><div><h4>Data Science Automation</h4><p>Continuously assess data science roadmap, to provide a foundation both for data-driven innovation that is both agile and reliable.</p></div></div>