AI/ML & Data Services

Transforming business by making AI practical and accessible for your crucial data and operations needs
When you work with CloudGeometry, our goal is to ensure you get what you need to apply AI to your crucial business processes. We can help with a wide range of challenges: better automating your customer experience; extracting valuable new insights from existing data silos; rapidly creating high-quality content; streamlining integration between your existing applications; and more.
Ramp up more effective data utilization for all your users, from BI analysts to data scientists to time-starved executives. We set you up with systematic iteration and meticulously organized data, to consistently expose new analytic insights, grasp correlations and forecast future trends.

Data Engineering

Data source hygiene, access and storage, with automated management to streamline current and emergent analytic needs.

Data Analytics

Advanced tools for large datasets, revealing trends, patterns, and insights across business users and technical use cases.

Data Lakehouse

The best of data lakes and data warehouses with new techniques supporting sophisticated machine learning.

AI Readiness

Any AI strategy depends on scalable and reliable data services, built to run on solid Cloud Native technology foundations.
Using GenAI to create original and interactive content from your business processes and applications can turbocharge your team’s productivity. We help build and integrate advanced AI functions into your current operations, to design and deliver new high-impact capabilities once out of reach.

Knowledge Management / Extraction

Index, manage, and retrieve knowledge from vast datasets, for faster, more secure access.

Personalized Content Generation

Tailor to fit user preferences/behaviors, synthesizing text & media for better engagement.

Synthetic Training Data

Gaps in ML model inputs? Data? We can generate datasets to that solve for taint, sensitivity, or variation.

Customer Support Automation

Smarter AI-based chatbots for faster triage of more consistent, accurate responses.
New algorithms and cloud-native processing horsepower have sharpened the predictive power of data analytics and algorithms as never before. From customer behavior to financial forecasting, we structure and operate your data infrastructure to enable modeling and analytics services that deliver the actionable insights you need — so informed decisions can be faster and more accurate.

Recommender Systems

Predict customer preferences and pinpoint products, services: info they wish they already had.

Sentiment Analysis

Better classify customers' opinions via reviews, social media, emails, and wherever they post.

Image / Object Recognition

Analyze visual data by training AI to automatically identify objects and features within images, videos.
Systematic, consistent management of engineering processes and changing requirements are essential for Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Success. With skills and experience honed over hundreds of workloads and thousands of releases, we designed our AI/ML advanced services practice to build momentum across these cutting-edge disciplines.
The CloudGeometry
AI/ML Blueprint
Ensure your machine learning and AI pipelines are designed and run with robust, adaptable data streams. CloudGeometry integrates model training seamlessly with data streamed to and from existing business workloads. The goal: boost the ROI of selected algorithms by balancing model execution and resource consumption.

Metrics and transparency across ML/AI teams

Iterative ML/AI task profiling and modeling.

Data Lakehouse with Spark integration

Expert enablement for iterative analytic processing.

Cloud cost optimization

Vary price / performance via dynamic sizing, Spot / Reserved instances, Saving Plans, etc.

What Our Clients Say

“CloudGeometry's AI/ML solutions were a game-changer. Their knack for integrating AI into our existing setup was unparalleled”
Tech Startup
“With CloudGeometry, it wasn't just about strategies; it was about turning visions into reality. Their AI solutions gave us the edge we needed”
E-Commerce Platform
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